Does CBD Hemp Oil Work For Pets Too?

The short answer is YES! All mammals share the same basic anatomy on the inside, so it makes sense that what is good for humans will be good for pets too. Mammals also have an Endocannabinoid system just like humans, which means that can receive the same benefits. This is important because we can give our pets CBD Hemp Oil and impact their health in the same way people are finding benefit in the consumption of CBD.

CBD Oil for Pets

In our product line, you will not see a paw print on our labels to distinguish CBD Hemp Oil  for pets vs human CBD. It is not necessary as getting your pet quality CBD is what you’re looking for.

In our product line you will see three different strengths of CBD oil.

1500mg (milligram CBD per vial)
750 mg (milligram CBD per vial)
250mg (milligram CBD per vial).

The stronger the dilution, the less drops you will need to put into the pets food or on a treat. This also extends the investment in your purchase. You could also look at the products as large, medium and small pets (1500mg-750mg-250mg)

What Dose Should I give My Pet?

In compliance with F.D.A. regulations we cannot recommend dosages for CBD Hemp Oil for pets. Consumers start with small amounts (ie. drops per feeding) and work up to levels that show desired results.

Amy Van Dyken uses CBD oil for pets

Amy’s Story

6 time Olympic Medalist Amy Van Dyken uses our CBD Hemp Oil for her dog Kuma.

Amy’s Story

CBD Hemp Oil For Pets

Since Kuma was diagnosed with Lymphoma, I’ve done a ton of research. I learned that CBD has been shown to halt cancer. I thought “what do we have to lose”. He was sick, losing his hair and not expected to still be with us. I started giving him his “oil” and he was energetic, Hair grew back and he’s still in remission. I’m not saying it’s a cure, but he’s doing so well I’m not stopping. He uses Sentinel Mountain CBD Hemp Oil every day. I recommend trying it for you or your pet.

Amy Van Dyken