Sentinel Mountain CBD Oil Company

Our Story

Growing up in Loveland Colorado, I helped on a farm in Berthoud Colorado during my teenage years and into college.

I pursued education as a high school science teacher. I taught Biology and Chemistry for 25 years at Thompson Valley High School in Loveland Colorado.

In the last seven years of my teaching career I jumped back into farming with my two young sons. We took over farms for older farmers getting out of the business. Corn, Alfalfa and grass hay were our primary crops.

In 2016, I was approached by a company in town, who provided industrial hemp product to Mary’s Nutritionals who at that time was the leader in the CBD and Cannabis products.

During my first growing season, I, like many of you, had no idea of the benefits these plants could offer. In my research of CBD, I tried the oil to see if it outperformed Alleve which is what I used to find relief from a post meniscus knee surgery complication called a “Bakers Cyst”. Chronic pain that only Alleve could reduce.

In my first two days of oil consumption, the pain was eliminated and has been for two and a half years.

Using my background in science I began making my own CBD Oil products and gave them to others who were just learning the benefits. In less than a year I made the decision to create a CBD Oil company. The name “Sentinel Mountain” comes from a beautiful mountain nestled on the western slope of Colorado. Here is where I find therapy from the busy world by spending time at my cabin at the base of the mountain.

I hope you find the same relaxation and therapy from my products wherever you may be know.

As of present we now are offering over seven CBD Oil products with more on the way. From our family to yours, may you find our products naturally beneficial for all of your personal needs.



Sentinel Mountain Colorado CBD Oil