CBD Oil Testimonials

Arthritis Recovery

“I am soon to become 81 years old.  I feel compelled to share my experience having used the product CBD oil by Sentinel Mountain. Having to deal with arthritis for the past three years. My first surgery involved a knee replacement two years ago.  Also the left knee and right hip were under the radar with considerable amount of arthritis.  I tried many different compounds to relieve my discomfort in hope to discourage the arthritis. The bottom drawer of my night stand is full of ointments, cremes, hopefuls for any relief. Well, it so happened that my hip went out on me and required immediate surgery.  Five months later the arthritis claimed the left knee requiring yet another replacement.

During my recovery I became aware that my right and left shoulder became very uncomfortable as I tried turning over from one side to the other while sleeping. I was fearful that the arthritis is in full pursuit of yet another area of my body. I began to research possible means to discourage further discomfort in my shoulders. I read about the value of hemp oil.  Talked with credible people.who used it.  My friend who had serious pain in her neck from a car accident years ago suggested that I try CBD oil.  Her comment made sense and proved true. She stated that “while it may not cure the problem, it may hold the arthritis at bay discouraging it to grow stronger. I became willing to give in to her suggestion for the use of CBD oil. I found that after about two to threes days of use I became aware that not only did my shoulders (both, I tell you) not hurt, but I slept ever so comfortably.  I will continue use of this very helpful CBD oil by Sentinel Mountain.  So very grateful”

Mary Ann

Neuropathy & Restless Leg Syndrome

“Ten years ago, after 25 years of chronic pain due to a car accident when I was 19, L2 thru S1 in the lumbar region of my spine were fused. Although the surgery eliminated most of the pain I had been experiencing, it brought on additional issues. The worst was the onset of non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy. As this condition began to worsen, I experienced spots of numbness in my legs and feet. However, the more serious pain related issues were the continuous sensations of “pin pricks” in both my feet and calves. My doctor performed a nerve function test that confirmed “severe neuropathy” in both legs and feet. The suggested treatment included prescription pain relievers and alpha-lipoic acid. I found out almost immediately I was allergic to the alpha-lipoic acid. I also found out I am allergic to some of the non-narcotic pain relievers. And, I couldn’t take enough of the opioid based prescriptions to really combat the ongoing and increasing numbers of “pin pricks” I was experiencing.

As I began researching alternative remedies, CBD oil was mentioned more and more in my reading. So, I thought I would give it a try. I found a local source and purchased a bottle. It seemed to help initially. However, subsequent bottles seemed to be hit or miss. So, I continued to do research. It was at this time I found an article on the FDA website that warned about the misrepresentation of how CBD oil was actually contained in the bottles. The article went to state Medical marijuana experts suggest patients considering CBD treatment to instead seek CBD-rich strains of cannabis grown in states that allow medical marijuana, such as Colorado, who also require independent laboratory testing of all marijuana products. At this time I began to look for CBD oil that was grown and manufactured in Colorado. A relative in Loveland, Colorado suggested Sentinel Mountain as a potential source for quality CBD products. He even purchased my first bottle and sent it to me. After receiving the bottle, I took my first dose and within 15 to 20 minutes, the “pin prick” sensations dissipated. The next morning, my wife told me the restless leg syndrome I also had was not an issue that night. Needless to say, Sentinel Mountain is now my source for the CBD oil that has made such a positive impact in our lives. I can’t thank Tom Hewson enough for the life altering products he is manufacturing.”

Ric M.

Adrenal Gland Disease Improvement

“I started taking CBD’s to help me sleep at night and to see the benefits it could have for my Adrenal Gland Disease. I saw alot of improvement after a week of use. I took 3/4 of a vile daily, half 3/4th dose in the am and pm. I have been able to sleep alot better and I have seen some improvement with my disease as well”

Kate P.

Sleep Aid

“I started using Sentinel Mountain CBD Oil, 1500 mg in November of 2017. I have problems getting restful sleep. The first night after using 1mL in the morning and before bed, I slept through the night. I am used to waking at around 5 a.m., I actually slept until 7:30 a.m. I continue to have higher quality sleep. This product has improved my life and I’ve gotten to enjoy the earthy taste.”

Barry S.

CBD Oil Testimonials - Sentinel Mountain Colorado